Happy New Year Syndication

I always enjoy our annual reminder that those of us in the central time zone are an afterthought when it comes to major media coverage.

I’m not sure what’s worse. The fact that events in central time zone cities don't get coverage from any of the major networks or cable channels (surely Chicago, New Orleans or one of the many Texas cities must have something TV-worthy.) Or the fact that they insult our intelligence by re-running the celebration of a very time-sensitive live event as though we wouldn’t know the difference. Yep, nothing gives those of us here in the Southeast, Midwest and Plains states a warm fuzzy more than hearing Sinatra croon out 'New York, New York' to a now-dispersed crowd in Times Square.

Granted, all of this could be solved for my home of Alabama if they’d just put us in the eastern time zone where we geographically belong. The fact that we share the same time zone with west Texas almost 2,000 miles away just doesn’t seem right.

Oh well, happy new year.


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