Delayed Realization

While browsing one of my forums earlier this morning I came across this story.

Thief Steals Video Dying Mother Made For Son

The story itself is extremely sad. But it didn't really hit me with full force until later in the day.

Laney attends a mother's day out program one day a week in order to have some socialization with other children. This is something she looks forward to every week. Each night when she's saying her prayers, she always blesses all of the kids in her class. She's particularly fond of one little girl. As I was picking Laney up on my lunch break today I learned the sad news that this little girl's father had been killed in a car wreck earlier in the morning.

The older you get, the less immortal you get. But the thought that this little girl's dad (who was roughly my age) is suddenly gone, really hit home. If something happened to me, Laney is still so young right now there's a chance she might not even remember me. She'd miss her dad, but she wouldn't really be able to remember me. Sure, there's plenty of still photos of us together, but there's not a lot of video as I'm the one usually holding the camera. Today forcefully reminded me that I need to stop holding the video camera so much and get in front of it a little more. And of course, hold my daughter a little more.


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