Holy ClearType Batman!

I've been using ClearType on both my laptops for awhile now. But I just realized that I haven't been using it on my desktops.

If you don't know what ClearType is, basically it's a font-smoothing technology developed by Microsoft to help make text easier to read, especially on LCD displays. If you have an older CRT/tube display you can try it out I suppose, although it likely won't work as well (I have an old Sony 19" CRT and it doesn't look good on it at all.) And even on larger LCD displays, some might not like the results depending upon personal preference. A lot of people say it gives them headaches.

I love it though. It makes the most common black-on-white text you'll encounter MUCH easier to read. However, I found that it helps to significantly reduce your monitor's brightness a bit if you decide to make the switch to ClearType.

To turn on ClearType (you have to have XP) right-click your desktop, select Properties. A window will pop up where you can then click the Appearance tab followed by the Effects button. Make sure the second checkbox ("Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts") is checked and then select ClearType from the drop down. Click Ok to close that window and Ok to close the Properties window.

Like I said, you may want to adjust your brightness or other settings on your monitor just a bit. For most web browsing, email, and office applications on an LCD display I find it to be extremely nice.


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