Digging up old favorites

I was trying to find some music to listen to tonight while I worked out in the basement. I started off with some of my usual stuff, but I suddenly remembered a music video I loved. Sure enough, it was on YouTube.

Of course, I kept digging (workout a distant afterthought now.) Eventually I wound up watching some of the old clips from Eric Clapton's Unplugged performance. Layla and Tears in Heaven were of course the most popular songs to come out of that amazingly successful performance, but my personal favorite was always Old Love. I think this live rendition where the musicians are free to take more liberty with the instrumentals (along with the version on the 24 Nights album) showcases the song at its best. Unfortunately, the YouTube audio capabilities are limited. The original sounds fantastic on a good home audio system.

And as long as I'm embedding YouTube stuff (always fun) I might as well plug in some Keb Mo as I could (and sometimes do) listen to him all day. He was in Birmingham a few months ago opening for Bonnie Raitt and I could shoot myself for not going.


Adam said...

When people talk about, in particular musicians, about records that changed their lives, this one did that for me. I was about what, 12 or 13 when that came out. And her I am 15 years later. Broke and playing music. HA!

Adam said...

ummmm,,, a couple beers and a handful of bad grammer and a few "typos" later.

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