Playing with my Wii

I'm posting this from the Opera browser built into my main Christmas present, the Nintendo Wii. It's a bit tricky having to type with a remote pointing at an on-screen QWERTY keyboard, but you actually get pretty good at it fairly quickly.

I haven't had a console game system since my Atari 2600 as a little kid. I've been all about computers ever since we got our first Apple ][c. And up until recently, pc games have offered so much more in terms of gameplay when you look at factors like graphics and multiplayer capabilities. But the Wii is so unique and offers such enjoyable gameplay that it finally was enough to draw me back in.

The Wii Sports game, which comes bundled with the system is simple and fun. It also gives a taste for what more advanced games could offer later on. I'm now extremely proficient at Wii tennis. And the bowling game does a very good job of replicating real bowling. So real in fact, that I bowled my best game (244) after downing several beers.

I'm also enjoying the ability to surf the web (particularly YouTube and Flickr) directly from my couch. Not revolutionary or anything, but still fun to play with. And the Opera browser works nicely.


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