Pass the Kleenex and the Mucinex

I have one of those annoying head colds at the moment that's driving me up the wall. I could feel it starting to come on as early as Saturday night and it's gotten progressively worse since then. On Monday, I played the part of the annoying, sick co-worker who comes in and spends most of the day coughing in his office. I don't know about you, but I hate that guy. I tried to be as courteous as possible and kept my door shut, still I felt bad about it. Even though I was productive it was miserable. Today I decided to stay home and telecommute as I still have a decent amount of energy and can be productive, I just don't need to be spreading this bug.

Plus, it was nice to spend the day here with Laney. She's also sick so we toughed it out together. We spent most of the day in the den. Laney read her books, played with her toys and watched Sesame Street. I got some work done on the laptop, played with her toys and watched Sesame Street (the number of the day was 6 by the way.) Take away the work part and the steady stream of medication, tissues and cough drops (strawberry's great) and it was actually a nice way to spend the day. Given how much both us are coughing at the moment (I can hear her on the baby monitor as I type) we might be doing the same thing again tomorrow.


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