I mostly just wanted an excuse to test embedding an entire YouTube playlist within my blog. So I figured what better test subject than one of my favorite episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000. A lot of people (understandably) never really enjoyed MST3K. But it quickly became one of my favorite shows in college as it was the perfect, quirky, late-night cable programming. I hated to see it end its 10-year run but its long timeslot, niche audience and the expense of paying royalties to the movies being riffed finally did it in.

The movie in this episode is called Puma Man, truly a masterpiece of cheesy Italian production. As always though, MST3K is about the riffs and this episode has some of my favorites once it really gets rolling. My brother and cousin watched it with me one time and there were a few instances where I swear they almost wet themselves from laughing so hard.

Because YouTube has time limits for its clips the person who uploaded this originally had to chop it into segments of roughly 8-10 minutes each. But thanks to the ability to create playlists, I'm HOPING it'll allow playback that's roughly like watching the entire episode (not that most people will sit here for almost 90 minutes to watch the whole thing.) So without further adieu I give you, Puma Man.


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