Some things I've learned over the past few days

1) I am not immune. I used to think I was strong enough to just ride out a cold and treat the symptoms with drugs and be relatively fine. Logically I knew better, but it was still an eye-opener to have a non-flu bug hit me this hard.

2) Chick Fil-A’s chicken noodle soup is outstanding.

3) VPN access makes life so much easier. It’s not quite the same thing as being at the office, but it sure is close. I actually get more accomplished from here sometimes than I do at the office. Plus, pants are optional.

4) If you get enough humidifiers going in one room, you can actually breathe comfortably even with the heat on.

5) Steam humidifiers are WAY more effective than cool-mist/evaporative humidifiers. Plus, you can put liquid Vicks in the top of those and it puts out those nice Vicks vapors.

6) No amount of vitamin C, hand-washing, flu shots, etc. can prevent you from getting sick. I was vigilant in all these areas this winter and I still picked up a virus that my theoretically beefed-up immune system just couldn't handle.

7) Strawberry cough drops will require a stringent methadone treatment in order to break the inevitable addiction.

8) The Travel Channel can simultaneously be very uplifting and very depressing when you’re cooped up inside all day for days on end.

9) I don’t have to worry about hogging/sharing bandwidth at home. It’s mine. ALL mine!

10) Sesame Street is still fantastic, but the Elmo’s World segment (Laney’s favorite part) can get a little annoying after awhile. However Ms. Noodle (one of the vaudevillian characters regularly featured) is actually a babe.

11) Grilled cheese tastes WAY better with an extra slice of mozzarella.

12) Being sick with your daughter is a nice (albeit, not preferred) way to spend quality time together. Granted, whenever I’m trying to work it’s sometimes hard to get as much accomplished if she wants my attention. But it’s nice to be able to just plop down on the floor with her and play during the middle of the day. And since we're both sick there's no worry about close contact. We've been swapping germs all week.


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