Another thing I've learned

Never act as though you've beaten an illness (such as posting on a blog for example) until you're ACTUALLY beaten the illness. I realize by posting this I'm probably putting my recovery back another few days, but since I'm admitting my prior mistake I'm hoping the virus will show pity.

It's now 3 days after my original post (when I thought I was on the road to recovery) and I still feel roughly the same. In fact, I felt worse today than I did yesterday. Laney, my little comrade in illness, is likewise still just as bad off. And unfortunately it's hitting Holly hard now too. I expect to wake up tomorrow and find that Tucker has constructed a plastic bubble during the middle of the night in order to isolate himself from the rest of us.

It's a good thing it's so nice and warm outside so that we can at least get some fresh air. Oh wait . . .


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