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Holly and I went to the doctor Thursday to get a checkup on the baby. It was also the day for our last scheduled sonogram (if things go smoothly from here on there shouldn't be any more sonograms until the baby arrives.)

Both Holly and the baby are fine. If all goes according to plan we'll be looking at a delivery date toward the start of July.

This sonogram was also the BIG one that would answer the burning question . . . boy or girl? Holly and I were both thinking girl, but obviously you can never be truly sure.

I was going to post pictures, but ironically the easiest part of this (scanning the photos from the sonogram printouts) has been a nightmare due to my scanner's flaky drivers. I'll add those here whenever I finally get them uploaded. However, I was able to extract the video from the sonogram's DVD and put together a little clip introducing everyone to our new baby.


Matt said...


Scott Schablow said...

WOW! CONGRATULATIONS! This is a truly special time for your family. I can't believe the resolution on the sonogram. I can tell already, she's gonna be a heartbreaker. You'll need to keep a shotgun by the door to scare her dates!

Anonymous said...

I' in love again, WOW. Sonogram is something else - they didn't have them in my days (Young days). However, it (she) does look like she will favor her Great grandfather, lucky girl, huh. I'm happy to have my second little girl.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see such a great display of the hand of God. He says, "I knit you together in your mother's womb". And there she is. I can hardly wait to meet her. I must admit that I had tears. Totally awesome.

Does this mean that I can have Laney now?

Adam said...

Well, Well, Well. Another beautiful child for me to be an Uncle to and corrupt. I can't wait to hear her say A'uM'! I am so stinking happy and excited now. I love you guys so much and I can't wait to see her.

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