Wii want to play multiplayer please

I try to thank my wife everyday for getting up at 3:00 a.m. on the day after Thanksgiving to stand in line with a bunch of dorks to get me the 4th of only 5 Nintendo Wiis that Gamestop had to offer on that busiest of shopping days. I figured the initial shortages from high demand would've died down by now, but the Wiis are still flying off the shelves almost as soon as they're put out.

Despite the fact that I've maxed out my character's skill level and face the same opponents over and over, I still try to play Wii Tennis everyday. And I continue to dabble with the other sports and training modes as well. Not to mention I've got a small collection of great GameCube games for dirt cheap and soon plan to pickup Tiger Woods 07.

I can already take the Wii online thanks to the Opera web browser and surf sites like YouTube from my couch. But there's currently no online multiplayer for any of the games. However, Nintendo recently announced they'll be partnering with Gamespy to manage their online multiplayer network. So maybe my hopes of a Wii Sports online won't have to wait too long after all. Nintendo has to know Wii Sports + online play would be an absolute monster hit and I can only assume it's already in the works. It just can't get here soon enough for me though. I'd love to square off in a tennis match with a guy halfway around the world. Or maybe go bowling with my brother up in Florence (assuming he might one day get a Wii.)


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