I give up

Ever since I achived "Pro" status (score of 1,000+) in Wii baseball I can't beat anybody . . . not that that hasn't stopped me from trying . . . over and over and over again.

The computer players hit EVERYTHING I throw at them while I struggle to hit anything past the infield due to a sudden flurry of 90mph screwballs and 102mph fastballs (meanwhile it won't let me throw anything over 94mph.) One time I thought I finally had them whipped. I got off to a 7 run lead in the first inning and figured I was home free (if you have a 5 run lead at the close of an inning there's a mercy rule.) So what happens in the bottom half of the inning when I'm pitching? The Wii players hit 10 runs. Grrrrrr. I'm Federer-like on Wii Tennis (2,200+) but I must have hit my ceiling in Wii Baseball.

In other completely unrelated events, congrats to my brother on some great recent news. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to say anything specific yet so I won't. But congrats nevertheless.


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