Journey of a package

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Journey of a package
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I remember as a kid watching older Bugs Bunny cartoons where Bugs or some other character is stuffed into a box and then shipped off to a distant location - only to zip back a few moments later with stamps from all over the world emblazoned on the side of the box. As I was watching the progress of the shipment of a recent online order I made I couldn't help but imagine the same effect for my package.

The order was placed on Sunday night and was shipped on Monday from Baldwin Park, California. It's scheduled to arrive on Thursday here in Birmingham. That's fine, I'm in no rush. Nevertheless, it was funny to see the route this package is taking to reach me.

Plus it also gave me an excuse to tinker with the new Google My Maps. If you click the image it'll take you to the Google My Map I created tracking the progress of this package. What's amazing is that it's still only halfway to the delivery date (yet this little sucker has already been on the move non-stop bouncing back and forth across the country.) I'll try to update the map if necessary to see if it somehow works Hawaii or Alaska into its travels over the next 36 hours.

For the record, this is being shipped by UPS. But after one summer as a student in the shipping/receiving center for a major Fortune 500 corporation I can assure you FedEx is just as bad (even though they don't have to deal with as many large/awkward size packages.) And at least UPS has been kind enough to deliver some of my packages ahead of time. FedEx frustrates me to no end when a package gets here a couple days early and then they just sit on it until the delivery date.


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