The curse of digital photography

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Digital photography is a double-edged sword. While I love the fact that I can take a million pictures with a digital camera and not care because I don't have to print the bad ones, I hate the fact that it's SO easy that I can quickly generate a backlog of 1,000+ photos in no time at all. After a certain point you just try to avoid thinking about it entirely because you'd rather not deal with it. Last night I finally got around to sorting through photos we've had since early February.

What's worse is that there's no excuse for letting the photos sit around going unprinted (or not uploading them to my Flickr account.) Google's Picasa software is an absolute dream when it comes to organizing pictures and doing basic photo editing. Yet for some reason I still avoid sitting down with it to go through all our pics. And with Jessica about to arrive, we'll soon be going on another photo-shooting spree. So I guess I better try to get back in the swing of things.

This is the same reason why I got a DVD camcorder instead of a camcorder that outputs to other media. The longer record times and potentially higher quality offered by some of the other media types would be great. But then I'd have to actually take the time to sit down and process/edit the video. I'm bad enough with still images. I can't imagine how bad I'd be with video. I might have video of Jessica's first months processed by the time she was ready for college.


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