Time to get back to normal

American Idol is no more, at least for this season. And for the first time in months, I can finally look forward to our local Fox affiliate (which is the leading station in the Birmingham market due to its long legacy dating back to when it was an ABC affiliate) returning to its more typical mix of programming on the morning show. I watch the show in the background as I get ready for work each morning and greatly appreciate the quirky local flavor.

But during the American Idol season, it seems like literally half the morning show is dedicated to covering every possible angle of all things Idol. This is due in no small part to the fact that Birmingham has produced two American Idol winners (Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks) and one runner-up (Bo Bice.) I was a heavy watcher of the show during Ruben's run (probably the best year for the show to-date anyway) but quickly fell off the wagon after that. I know what's going on thanks to the constant coverage from the morning show and conversations with co-workers, but I no longer watch.

I'm glad things will start to get back to normal over the next couple weeks. Local chefs cooking something I'll probably never eat. On location interviews with some bizarre new local business that you know won't be around 6 months from now. Awkward celebrity satellite interviews which are little more than thinly-veiled PR promos. A hint of actual news here or there. The amazingly odd Bargainomics Lady. The Friday "interview" with whatever stand-up is in town. A steady mix of great, cheesy, local commercials. And of course, Mickey Ferguson - probably the main reason most people watch.

Then again, a month or so from now I'm going to be so tired from lack of sleep and so busy in the mornings that I probably won't have time watch anyway.


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