Somebody give me a pin

So I can pop this high pressure bubble that's been pretty much parked over our area for the last couple months. We need some rain.

I've tried to be good about not watering my lawn too much (my next door neighbor is of a different mindset and waters his yard at least 5 days a week.) I keep thinking at some point we'll surely have some rain, so it's been nearly two weeks since I last watered the lawn. We had a brief rain shower early last week, but that doesn't really count as it was so little rain you could still see huge dry spots under the branches after it had finished. So in the face of a longterm forecast that doesn't show even a hint of rain for the next 15 days I finally decided to give my yard some relief.

I figured I better do it while I can before they institute a watering ban. I checked our local waterworks site and they will indeed have a partial watering ban starting on June 1st. It'll basically limit you to watering two days a week. So apparently I'm big on the tough love when it comes to greenery because two days a week is as much as I would ever bother to water anyway. Meanwhile, I fully expect my neighbor will spend each evening in black ninja attire, standing in his yard at 2 a.m., hose in hand, covertlywatering the yard before retreating into the shadows with each passing car.

So maybe it's not as bad as I think, at least in my little half acre of the world. Still, we need some rain. Maybe a nice, non-threatening tropical depression could ease its way up I-65 and park itself over the middle of the state for a few days.


Anonymous said...

Does the midnight ninja not realize that everyone knows he waters more than his share by the obviously lush,green color of his lawn? He's not so smart after all.

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