Just what I need

Another show has hooked its claws into me.

I've deliberately avoided watching the Discovery Channel show Deadliest Catch because I've heard great things. And with a glut of good shows already backlogged on my DVR the last thing I needed was another program to add to the mix (and an hour long show at that.)

But the other night I was watching something on Discovery and forgot to flip away when Deadliest Catch came on. Two hours later (I watched two episodes back-to-back) I was hooked.

Fortunately, season 3 is entering its latter stages. Unfortunately, I'm now well aware of the fact that I've missed most of season 3 (not to mention the first 2 seasons) so now I'll have to hunt those episodes down. Phase one of that plan begins Sunday with a Deadliest Catch marathon. The DVR will be busy that day.

The worst part of all this though is that I can't get that Bon Jovi song 'Dead of Alive' (the show's theme song) out of my head now.


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