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Maybe it’s just because my job entails sitting at a desk all day, but there are times when I love nothing more than a good, long day of simple, physical activity. I’m not talking iron man competitions or anything (that's just nuts.) I’m just talking about a good, long day of non-stop chores – the kind that require getting off your duff and breaking a sweat.

For the last couple days I’ve pretty much been working non-stop on painting our girls’ (yes I’m going ahead and using plural now to try and break it in) playhouse that my grandfather built. That may not sound like a lot of work at first. But when you factor in the size of the house and the fact that there’s a lot of detail work with four different colors of paint (not to mention all the sanding/priming/etc) it is a big deal.

I wasn’t even planning on biting off this big of a project this weekend. My original plans were to head down to Ramer, AL Sunday morning and help my uncle build his deck. But they called me while I was enroute and said they no longer needed me as they were almost done (that side of my family’s so big that when you put out a call for help you can basically build a small office park in a single day.) So I turned around and headed home. But I was in a working mood. Holly and Laney were already busy for the morning so I knew they weren’t going to be expecting to see me the rest of the day. So it was off to Home Depot to pick up some supplies.

Two full days of work later, I’m mostly done (I still have to paint some trim pieces but that’s it and those can wait until next weekend.) Despite the fact that I’m now extremely worn out, it was also a very peaceful way to spend the weekend. I could just let my mind drift into that zen-like, Mr. Miyagi state of mind that comes with simple, repetitive tasks. For dinner, I caught flies with chopsticks.


Pam said...

So, where are the pictures of all of the hard work?

KeithB said...

There aren't any yet. And since it really won't look all the different in pictures there likely won't be any anytime soon. ;)

Maybe once I add-in some proper front steps for it and plant a few little shrubs in front of it.

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