Dial $*&@!! for light

There's only one place in my office building where you don't want to be when the power goes out. Actually, I guess there's two places if you count the elevator. But the other place you don't want to find yourself in is the bathroom.

For some reason our bathrooms don't have emergency lights. So if the lights go out, you're instantly plunged into a world of total blackness that you can only find if you're a regular spelunker. Needless to say, this can be quite the predicament, especially for guys as we sometimes need visual contact with the target depending upon the task at hand. Your eyes can't adjust, so what to do?

Just whip out the other object in your pocket of course - your cell phone. Mine's a flip phone so simply opening it will create an instant source of light (just be careful if you have to flip it open with one hand though; if you drop that your situation will go from bad to worse.) And pressing a button brings an even brighter beam of light, more than enough to get the job done and navigate the confines of the bathroom.

This is all just handy 'what if' advice of course. Yep. I've never had to this. Nope. Not me.


Adam said...

Task at hand eh?

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