I'm on a roll

While washing your car is apparently one great way to guarantee rain in the middle of an epic drought, I've stumbled upon yet another unforeseen method.

Step 1) Take a whole day off work.

Step 2) Borrow some one's pickup with the sole intent to spend most of your day working on a backlog of errands that only a pickup can handle (oh how I miss having a truck.) Please note: one of these errands must include a trip to purchase a new dining room rug.

Step 3) Bask in the magnificence of your rainmaking glory as a massive storm materializes out of nowhere almost directly over your house.

And to guarantee a gully-washer instead of just light rain, temporarily place a lot of stuff in your driveway that shouldn't get wet. I opted for 60 cases of soccer paint (over half a ton of stuff.) But anything that you don't want to get wet should suffice.

Now that I have another method at my disposal I should be able to alternate between this technique and the wash-your-car method to help break the drought which is strangling Alabama.


Bayer said...

I had a half day off! And got stuck at Cracker Barrel where the power went out and you could only leave by paying with exact cash or check.

I was held hostage at Cracker Barrel!

Adam said...

I'm apathetic to your "drought". We have a huge ass river. Plenty of water. Of course if Browns Ferry ever has a meltdown and pollutes the river, I'll be dead within the week. But for now, I'm going to go down stairs and spray the hose in the air just for the hell of it.

Jason McCay said...

What were you doing with 60 cases of "soccer paint"?

KeithB said...

Well at the time I wasn't doing anything with it. That's why it was in the driveway. ;)

Striping/lining soccer fields has long been a little side job of mine (been doing it since high school.) The soccer club was coming over to pick up some paint so I stacked it in the driveway for them in case I wasn't home when they arrived.

Jason McCay said...

I kinda imagine that scene from Forrest Gump where he cuts the grass at the local school for free...the secret life of Keith.

KeithB said...

Oh it's not for free. ;) Now if I had Gump's millions I'd gladly do it for free.

It was nice and relaxing to be outside on a big open field after being cooped up in an office all day. Unfortunately I won't be doing it for them anymore. :(

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