It's a cliche, but . . .

North/Central Alabama is in the midst of a drought and heat wave so severe that it's being considered a once-a-century scale event. Ordinarily I have to mow my yard at least once a week during the summer, usually every 5 days. This year, it's been about once a month. And that's only because I've watered the yard about once every two weeks (my city's watering guidelines call for voluntary restrictions, not mandatory, but I've tried to be good.) It's really sad to see how dull and lifeless all the plants look given how vibrant this area usually is.

Another by-product of all this is that I haven't had to wash our cars at all. But today I finally decided to break down and give both cars a wash since I was worried all the caked-on gunk was getting so thick it might harm the paint.

And of course, now that I've washed both cars a monster thunderstorm came roaring in and gave us a nice shower. So now that I've figured out a cure for the drought I'll just have to make sure I take time to wash the cars each day.


Adam said...

You are a ginormous smartass

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