Maybe I was actually onto something

A lot of times I'll just fire off a post without giving it too much thought. Something pops into my head and I just try to get it out as I'm typing. But maybe I was actually onto something in my last post.

As I was browsing through my rss feeds today, a thread on Techmeme caught my eye and led me to this New York Times article on how some ads can actually be seen as a form of entertainment and are actively sought out by viewers.

Their take on things was a little different. They were focused more on the details of new dedicated and social content sites. But the general concept (that people will actually stop or seek out known, entertaining ads) is similar to what I was talking about. For the record, I think most of those sites mentioned will likely fail, but it's always nice to see your thoughts validated by someone else to the point where the form entirely new businesses dedicated to that concept.

On an entirely different subject, my two most recent posts have made me realize I really need to do an overhaul of my site so I can have more room for my blogging related to my work (since I do a ton of reading and have a lot of thoughts in that area - some of which might not always be a good fit for my company blog.) I actually tinkered with the new release of Movable Type the other day (pretty slick) and might also give the more well-established Wordpress a thorough look as well.


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