The world was once a stinky place

It's after 9:00 and it's still 87 degrees with almost 70% relative humidity here at my house. I had planned on walking a few miles with Jessica to get a little light aerobic exercise, but that's like walking through soup. So I think I'm going to pass on dehydrating myself and instead opt to lift a little weights and then box for about 30 minutes on the Wii - a nice light cardio workout as my brother will surely attest . . . . after I (sometimes) stomped all over him earlier today.

It's summertime in the South again. We're so spoiled now though. I can't imagine what life was like back before A/C. In fact, one of the things I often wondered during some of my history courses was how bad some of these historic figures must have smelled. Granted, you can get used to just about anything, so it may not have been anything of note during contemporary times. But if you could go back in time as an observer from our perspective, would we be in for an eye-opening (or nose-pinching) experience?


Anonymous said...

Ya you forgot to mention how i dropped in you 6 punches the first round.

KeithB said...

I'll give you that one. That was before I got my right punch going. How many matches did you win after that again? About one out of ten? :P

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