$170 million in one day?

Are you kidding me? I knew Halo was extremely popular, but I had no idea the game would generate that kind of sales. Even at ~$60 a copy that's still almost 3 million copies sold in just one day. And the holiday shopping season hasn't even started to warm up yet.

Since that jaw-dropping number was announced I've seen a lot of reports trying to diminish the magnitude of this event. But if we're to go by that logic then we also have to say that every video game launch ever has been wholly unimpressive. Hardly. If you enjoy games, you should be thrilled as this gives the industry that much more mainstream attention and credibility.

As someone who's predominantly played games on his PC, I've never personally understood the allure of Halo. In my opinion, there are numerous PC games of a similar style that have been better than any of the Halo installments. But I still respect the franchise for helping to push gaming (and especially online gaming) into a more mainstream world. And for a geek like myself that's a wonderful thing. There was a time when it could be embarrassing for an adult to mention in casual conversation that you enjoy playing video games. Increasingly, it's not just acceptable, it's a great conversation piece likely to find a reciprocating party on par with the entertainment news, sports, etc.


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