If I'm a little tired, but smiling next week . . .

. . . then it will be due to my staying up all night to play Team Fortress 2. :)

The game doesn't officially launch until 10/10 on Steam and 10/12 in stores for the PC/Xbox/PS3. But for Steam users who preorder the game (which I had been considering since I was obviously going to buy it anyway) you can begin playing the Team Fortress 2 beta starting Monday 9/17. :)

I've been trying to finish up Half-Life 2 Epsiode 1 (once Jessica goes to bed of course) for the past couple weeks so I could follow the storyline of the next episode. My graphics card had been acting a little flaky, but I finally got that all sorted out. I even took the plunge and finally installed Vista on my gaming system (more on that in another post.) So I'm ready to roll.

Adam, we'll see if we can build you a frankenPC from all my spare parts capable of handling the game.


Adam said...

You mean you can't run it on a mac? The sad thing is, Aaron was talking about Vista a few months ago and I said, " whats that?" Yup, thats how immersed I am in the Steve Cult Master Jobs culture. I really didn't know it was the new PC operating system.

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