My hands are sore

The construction zone
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There's definitely something satisfying about building something from scratch. There's also something painful about it the next day.

My dad, brother, father-in-law and myself spent almost the entire day on Saturday building a new swingset for my girls. We were originally going to opt for one of those kits in a box. But after assessing the few locations we had to chose from in my hilly yard we decided the best course of action was to just get the parts individually and build a custom version.

Amazingly, I resisted the temptation to watch any football for almost the entire day. Sure, we had the game on the radio while we were working. But never once did I feel compelled to drop everything and go watch any of the great games on that day. Doing something for your kids helps keep your priorities in check. Plus it was a beautiful day to be outside working.

My dad did a great job of coming up with the idea for the layout and all the surveying work required to get everything level. My father-in-law chipped in with help on a variety of tasks. And my brother's presence ensured I wouldn't be the only young back having to endure all the heavy lifting. He also logged a ton of time on the beltsander, while I personally found a new love in the router.

I think the end result was definitely something the girls will enjoy in the coming years. And despite the fact that my computer geek hands are now aching in pain, I have to say that it was really fun building it as well.


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