No shirt, no shoes, no wallet, no problem

I just got back from a trip to Publix and I actually did have my shirt and shoes on (it's 54 degrees outside, I'm not an idiot.) But as they were ringing up my order at the checkout I made the alarming discovery that I'd left my wallet in its usual place at home. Doh! I'd been so concerned with making sure I had the shopping list Holly wrote out that I'd simply forgotten all about it.

I felt really bad as this was not a small order by any means totaling around $100. Plus, they only had one register open this late at night and a couple of people had just walked up behind me. As usual with Publix though, they handled the situation beautifully. They told me they'd finish ringing up my order and then put it to the side while I went home to get my wallet.

Grateful for bailing me out the situation, I quickly rushed home and was back within 10 minutes. I arrived to discover that they had already gone through my order and separately bagged up all the cold items and taken them to the back cooler so they wouldn't spoil while I was gone. I really appreciated that as I started to think about the $30 worth of meat I'd purchased while I was rushing home to get my wallet. I thanked them several times and also thanked the manager before heading out the door (I also should have re-thanked the deli girl again for giving me a huge, sample serving of the turkey she'd cut for me; it literally was enough to make me pass up a late dinner.) Publix was already the first company that pops to mind for me when it comes to customer service. This just further entrenched that glowing impression.

Next time I'm going to try no shirt and no shoes and see if I can get the same reaction.


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