Sounds like a good enough excuse to me

Saw this story on Yahoo's front page just a few minutes ago.

Boiled peanuts help protect against illness

I haven't had any boiled peanuts lately, but it's definitely one of those uniquely Southern snacks I've acquired a taste for over the years. Holly can't stand them (it's all that Montana blood in her) so I'll try to use this as an excuse the next time I want to pick some up. "I'm just trying to eat healthy."

There's a fine line between good boiled peanuts and bad boiled peanuts though. Nothing's worse than biting into one expecting a squishy little treat, only to get a surprising crunch like you usually get from something like a water chestnut (which I don't like due to the consistency.)

Unfortunately I'm now hungry and these things can sometimes be hard to track down. Gas stations are usually your best bet, so I guess I need to go fill up the car.


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