An open apology to my parents

Mom and Dad,

I'm sorry I was such a picky eater as a child. Because payback is a #*%@*! and Laney's definitely making sure I get my long overdue comeuppance.

It's not so much that she won't try new things. She'll usually take a nibble off something we give her. But it's the sheer quantity of what she eats that's so amazing. Even for foods she loves she eats extremely tiny portions (and I know most kids do that, but I'm talking small even by that standard.) Holly and I have a running joke that the day Jessica starts eating solid foods is the day she'll start eating more than Laney; Jessica thus far seems to have a voracious appetite. If Laney were just a zombie sitting in front of a TV all day it would be one thing. But she's far from that. So I'd assume she'd naturally be hungry after all that playing.

And in my defense, I'm now a pretty good eater. Sure, I could eat far healthier. But I also eat a MUCH broader range of foods now than I did in the past. I'm also far more willing to try new things these days. Whenever I try a new restaurant, I'm now much more inclined to seek out one of their signature dishes instead of ordering up a safety blanket item that I could have anywhere.

I remember one of the tipping points for me was due to sheer peer pressure. I was at a formal gathering somewhere during the latter half of my high school years and the meals naturally included salads (which I NEVER ate at that time.) Everyone at the table was having a salad and I didn't want to be the only one childishly declining. So I ordered a basic salad with Italian dressing and was blown away by how good it was. From that point on I was far more willing to give new foods a try.

Something tells me we won't have to wait that long for Laney. But she'll definitely keep us on our toes in the meantime.

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