Son of a son of a . . .

I just had a bit of an ironic moment that reminded me how worthless old media formats can eventually become.

I was watching/listening to some old Buffett tunes on YouTube just a few minutes ago (in another irony, that's one of the few times I've even mentioned him on this site in spite of my Parrotheader moniker.) Anyway, as I was reading some of the comments below the videos I saw a couple references to his oft-overlooked ballad Cowboy in the Jungle. I forgot how much I loved that song and thought I'd go ahead and add it to one of my playlists so I can have it the next time I sync my mp3 player. But in spite of the 25 Buffett albums and numerous miscellaneous songs I have digital copies of, I do not have that particular album or song anywhere in my mp3 collection. I know I have the CD, but apparently I never ripped it to mp3 and I have no idea where the disc is at this point.

Where's the irony? Perched on the corner of my desk in a rather prominent position is the very Buffett album I need. The only problem is, it truly is a REAL album. A 33-rpm vinyl record in all its dusty, old glory. As a decorative nostalgia piece, I love it. But as an audio medium it's worthless to me as I have no means of playing it. I guess it's time to either dig through my old CD piles or just buy the album off the web.

I expect a similar scene will be repeated again in another 15-20 years when I look over at my stack of old DVDs wondering how I can play my copy of Real Genius.


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