Week out of touch

I've been off pretty much all week so I'm way out of touch with the usual news and current events in my little corner of the world. Sure, I'm hopelessly addicted to my computer, so I've checked my email and feeds a bit and done a little light surfing (and obviously a few posts the last couple days.) But for the most part, I've been making a concerted effort to relax and focus on family.

And it's been wonderful. When you're laying on the floor playing with your girls or setting up lights on the Christmas tree while your 4-month old looks on in awe at the light show you've magically created for them it quickly puts everything into perspective. You realize that much of the information you eagerly seek out is really just minor filler in the grand scheme of things. Once you push back and look at what matters most, you realize you could survive with a little disconnect.

However, once you enter back into the outside world (even in a casual family setting like Thanksgiving dinner) you quickly realize how out of touch you've drifted. Casual conversation invariably turns to current events and suddenly you remember why you bothered to concern yourself with some of these things. The Natalee Holloway case is back on the radar? Saban said what? Both of these items, particularly football, quickly popped up over the course of the evening's conversation. On a normal week I'd have been able to respond with some sort of remotely informed perspective. But not this week. Strange as it is to say, I'd honestly almost forgotten the Iron Bowl was this weekend. I'll be watching and pulling for the Tide, but I consider a loss a forgone conclusion unless Auburn's coaches have suddenly forgotten how to blitz (and I held that opinion before last weekend.)

It was strange to be out of touch on these highly topical items. But now that the moment has passed and I'm back in my relaxation zone (resting on the couch, enjoying a beer with Tucker curled up beside me) I realize that ignorance sometimes really is a prerequisite for bliss.


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