Hulk smash too much?

I was never a huge comic book junkie as a kid. Sure, I read my share. But no more than the average boy (probably a good bit less actually.) Still, it's been interesting to see the craze in recent years of taking virtually every comic book/cartoon and making it into a live action movie. X-Men, Spiderman, Batman (reprised), Daredevil, Transformers, Superman (rerprised), Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four, etc.

Just some of the films on tap this spring summer.

Iron Man
Speed Racer
Batman: The Dark Knight

I honestly couldn't care less about the first two although I'm sure they'll have some success. But there's no doubt that Batman will be a smash hit - partly due to the success of the first film in the most recent series (it really was excellent) and partly due to the death of Heath Ledger.

However, I didn't realize the sequel to the comic movie that most surprised me in recent years is also on tap this year. Despite receiving only mediocre reviews and relatively average performance at the box office for such a high profile movie, Hulk was one of my favorites of the recent surge in this genre - and I never really was a Hulk fan. But I loved the film's slower, introspective pace and the unique visual style. However, the newest trailer released earlier today doesn't exactly have me enthused (then again, I wasn't impressed by the new Indiana Jones trailer either, but I can't wait to see that.)

Sorry about the embed. MTV's the official release point for this (not Apple or Yahoo unfortunately) and they're ripping it down left and right off YouTube at the moment so it's pointless to link there.


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