TV limbo

Just as I was starting to embrace several new shows last season, the strike hit and potentially killed any momentum of my emerging favorites. For the first time in history, geeky shows (or at least shows catering to geeks at heart) were becoming all the rage thanks to the cult success of many current shows and their following on the web.

The Big Bang Theory (nerds to the extreme on primetime)

A lot of established shows are supposedly working on a few episodes for later this spring that would have originally served as their mid-season finales. But those will now be their end-of-season finales. It'll be interesting to see what new shows warrant that investment and attention.

Fortunately my Discovery/History/Travel Channel favorites continue to plug on, unaffected by the long hiccup that was the strike. No Reservations has started a new season. Mythbusters continues to crank out new episodes periodically. And Deadliest Catch is about to launch its new season. I'm also holding out a little hope that Entourage will remain on schedule for its anticipated late-Spring release.

There's a reason for my periodic TV musings which I'll try to expound upon at a later date.


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