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Although I'm only indirectly enjoying the benefits of Spring Break at the moment (still can't get over how light rush hour was today) I can finally hang my hat on the knowledge that I'll soon be rewarded with a vacation of my own.

Ordinarily that wouldn't be cause for inordinate celebration. But this will be our first vacation in almost 18 months. And for a family used to heading to the beach at least a couple times a year (plus whatever other trips we might make to other destinations) that's a long time to go without any sort of travel. Ever since Holly found out she was pregnant we started to cut back on expenses in preparation for her staying home for a year with the baby (ironically, we might possibly be returning to the scene of the crime as it were since Holly became pregnant with Jessica after our last trip to Rosemary Beach; don't hold your breath for any new souvenirs this time.)

With two little ones now in tow, I don't expect the trip to be as blissfully relaxing as our last getaway. But it should present a different kind of enjoyment which is even more enjoyable in its own way. Instead of moonlit walks with cocktails it'll be piggy back rides in swimsuits to get pizzas and ice cream before heading back to the beach to build sand castles. It's a win-win either way.


McKt said...

A beach vacation sounds lovely. We are jealous!

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