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My parents have been in Georgia for the last week attending a big RV expo. Our family has always enjoyed camping. We started out in little pop-ups for most of my childhood years before graduating on to our first motorhome during the 90s (a 30', Class-A, 1984 Southwind.)

But while we all loved the commodious space of the motorhome (it even served as a pseudo-apartment for me during my college years when I came home on weekends) a rocky relationship gradually developed whenever we tried to actually take it anywhere. The breaking point came after a big family trip out to Colorado. We drove all the way across OK, KS and eastern CO with no alternator, charing the battery with an A/C battery charger running off the generator while driving - and that was just the start of our problems. Not long after that experience, my parents opted for the mechanical ease-of-maintenance of a very nice 32' Class C model.

This RV has served the family very well over the last ~7-8 years (including another big trip out to Montana and Colorado, this time trouble free.) But over time my parents started to miss the wide open views and additional seating (especially for football season) that comes with a Class A. So when they headed over to the RV expo in Georgia we all had a feeling they might end up coming home with a different rig. Sure enough, they've picked up a sweet new ride.

And while I'm extremely happy for them and can't wait to go to some football games and trips in it, this was all really just a big excuse for me to share the following cheesy clip I just watched on one of my favorite TV shows. I can't wait to do this with their new motorhome.


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