Flickr video

Flickr video
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I've already posted this video here before, but it was the only one I had with me while I'm here in Chicago and I wanted an excuse to test out the new video feature on Flickr (currently only available to Pro members, although I bet that will only last for a few months.)

We shoot a lot of small video clips with our point-and-shoot camera so I've been hoping Flickr would add video services for quite some time. There's plenty of great sites/communities for video hosting. But if I can put my all my stuff on one site with a more established community (and the backing of a major player like Yahoo) then I'd rather go with that.

The service definitely seems to be experiencing some first day jitters (and the slow connection here at my hotel isn't helping.) But I expect they'll get that ironed out in the weeks ahead.


Social Anniemal said...

Thanks for the nice comment about the yahoo panel at Travelcom. I didn't have a chance to attend the whole conference, so I have no idea how the other sessions compared but I'll admit, I often find that the most valuable part of conferences are the conversations/introductions that happen in the hall;)

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