My forgotten toys

Laney and Holly surprised me with a visit to my office this morning after their trip to our nearby zoo turned out to be a no-go due to crowds. So what is the first thing Laney asks me after giving me a hug? "Can I play with your toys?"

My toys? Oh yeah. Those toys. That oft-forgotten box of schwag and trinkets I have buried in the bottom of my office cabinet is a veritable treasure trove of excitement to my 3-yr-old daughter. It's funny the things a child remembers. She knew exactly where they were and exactly what was supposed to be in the box. As far as she's concerned, playing with those dusty items is the highlight of coming to my office (and probably what she imagines I do all day when I'm here.)

What's particularly strange to me is that I can remember that feeling like it was yesterday. Whenever I was a kid I loved going to my dad's office on the weekends. While he was working my brother and I would draw things on the drafting tables and play with the electric erasers. Later we'd race office chairs around the empty hallways and toss paper airplanes off the balconies of their 8-story atrium (sorry about that one dad.)

As those memories came flooding back to me, it then dawned on me that Laney is now reaching an age when she'll actually remember some of the current events and environment around her many years from now. Up until now, I've assumed almost all of her current memories of her toddler years will eventually fade away. But for her memories of the here and now, that may no longer be the case. I guess I really need to be on my best behavior now.


Adam said...

Don't forget the frequent trips to the vending machine for twinkies and cokes. Also, I remember playing hide and go seek while we were there, making random copies of things, and having to shyfully say hello to Dad's coworkers during the daytime visits.

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