Farewell Tent City

This post is mostly just for close family members, but since my brother and the guys in his band are moving out of the 'tent city' in the attic of their publishing company I thought it was worth looking back.

The video really doesn't do it justice (they really did live in the 4th story attic of a converted house/office on Music Row in Nashville.) I was in awe of their part-time living quarters in Nashville the first time I saw it. It had a bizarro sort of charm to it that was hard to describe . . . then again I didn't have to live there.

Cribs errr, sort of.......

And on a semi-related tangent, here's band member Doug's video of a recent encounter with the aftermath of an F3 tornado in Tennessee (my brother Adam was just behind him and talking to me on the phone at the time.) This clip was eventually featured on CNN's Headline News 'News to Me' segment.


Adam said...

I'm actually gonna miss the hell out of that attic. I have gotten some great sleep up there!

ukezabel said...

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