Yes, I'm still alive

I know I haven't updated in awhile. Most readers of my blog know that over the last couple months I've been transitioning from one department in my company to another. I'll still be working very closely with my old department, but I'm also taking on new responsibilities in my new department which can keep me very busy at times. I've been working extremely hard in the office and logging a lot of hours from home of late. As a result, I haven't had as much time to do things like update this blog, update my Flickr, keep as close track of my friends updates, etc.

You know me. I'm a geek and you can't keep me away from some of this stuff for too long. But when you get home after an extremely full day (with the prospect of more work potentially ahead later that night) you want to soak up every minute of relaxation you can by enjoying your family, watching a favorite show/movie, playing a game, etc.

I finally got around to updating photos from several months ago to my Flickr page. Pretty soon I'll only be a month or so behind.


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